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Job 162513 - Food Runner / Expeditor FOH
Rosemont, IL

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Job Details

Location: Rosemont, IL
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Primary Objective of Position:

Creates a friendly and memorable experience for guests by providing prompt and accurate delivery of menu items, and assembling and coordinating all food orders as rapidly as possible.

Job Duties:

  • Food Runner ensures guests receive menu items once it is assembled by the Expeditor FOH for prompt service.
  • Maintains clean trays and plate covers at all times.
  • Checks cleanliness from previous shift and notifies restaurant manager of any problems.
  • Sets up, restocks and prepares for shift change and/or close.
  • Cleans and sanitizes throughout the shift.
  • Obtains and maintains knowledge of all menu items.
  • Ensures all orders coming from the kitchen are assembled and complete by tables for pick up by Food Runner.
  • Ensures that Micros printers are powered on, function properly and extra printing paper is available.
  • Ensures that all overhead heating lamps are turned to “on” position.
  • Ensures that plenty of 12 inch plate covers are available and clean.
  • Ensures that all necessary condiments are available (packet Mustard, Mayonnaise, to go condiments and bags etc.).
  • Ensures that serving utensils are available (soup spoons, dessert forks, tea spoons), and polishes as necessary.
  • Ensures that underline plates are stocked and complete with napkins.
  • Ensures that 10 inch plates are available for underlines and extra plates.
  • Makes sure breadbaskets are available and clean.
  • Ensures that clean towels available for wipe downs.
  • Checks all orders carefully, and communicates with servers for any items out of the ordinary.
  • Makes sure all orders are complete and look expectable for guests.
  • As orders arrive from the kitchen matches each kitchen plate with the corresponding Micros table order ticket from printer.
  • Makes sure all items are on plates as ordered and marks off the Micros order ticket.
  • Assembles and stacks all items for each table separately on trays.
  • Makes sure that side dishes are ready and complete with each order.
  • Places all cold food items such as salads, sandwiches, cold cuts on other side of shelf away from heat lamps.
  • Makes sure that food runner checks all items for completion, accuracy and table numbers.
  • Communicates with server and kitchen if something is not correct or missing from an order.
  • Keeps expeditor area clean at all times and free from any unnecessary items.
  • Ensures all areas are wiped and cleaned upon closing.
  • Removes any trash as necessary.
  • Assists in side work such as polishing silverware.
  • Helps others whenever possible.
  • Keeps immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance.
  • Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established company policies to achieve the overall objectives of the position.
  • Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate, which will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity and efficiency/effectiveness.
  • Provides a favorable image of the company at all times to promote its aims and objectives, and to foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all of its areas of endeavor.
  • Is dressed neatly and well groomed in company approved uniform at all times.


Qualifications & Skills:

  • Ability to lift and carry very heavy trays 95% of time
  • Works indoors 90%; outdoors 10%
  • Frequent bending and stooping
  • Walks or stands during entire shift
  • Ability to clearly communicate with customers and other employees

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