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Job 162722 - Restaurant Manager
Rosemont, IL

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Job Details

Location: Rosemont, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Primary Objective of Position:

Responsible for the operation of the restaurant. Supervises and controls all activities and staff in accordance with established company standards, policies and procedures. Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates team members and resources of the restaurant in the best interests of the company to provide efficient, well-prepared, and profitable service of food, beverages and other products, and ensures the comfort of guests while maintaining a positive reputation of the establishment. Responsible for the business performance of the restaurant, as well as maintaining high standards of service, cleanliness, consistency, health and safety. As a key leadership position, it is fast-paced, and demanding combining strategic planning, organizational skills, dependability, professionalism, and day-to-day management activities.
Job Duties:

  • Ensures that all team members adhere to all company policies and procedures uniformly and without exception, such as uniform standards, attendance and reconciling financial transactions.
  • Coordinates the entire operation of the restaurant, beer garden and bar area.
  • Helps in any area of the operation as circumstances dictate.
  • Organizes and supervises shifts, establishes floor plans based on reservations and expected walk-in business.
  • Provides assistance to team members in the execution of their work duties.
  • Responds to, and resolves customer concerns and complaints. Corrects potential problems before they affect customers.
  • Maintains highest standards and consistency of quality control, hygiene, legality, health and safety.
  • Prepares and reconciles cash drawers, monitors and maintains strict and consistent adherence to company cash control policies, including manager’s accountability and responsibility for any and all cash inconsistencies.
  • Prepares, records and deposits bank deposits and change order reimbursements according to company policies and procedures.
  • Balances company safe before and at end of shift.
  • Responsible for all cash control and company security procedures regarding company safe, ordering change as needed, and disbursement of funds temporarily secured in company safe
  • Disburses and documents petty cash according to company policies (cigarette machine refund, etc.)
  • Implements posted work schedules, while adjusting as necessary to cover team member
  • call-ins or shortages, and adjusts the amount of staff on hand as business dictates (labor cost control).
  • Ensures accurate time and attendance records (in Micros and handwritten backup) are consistently maintained by team members to safeguard payroll accuracy.
  • Assists in hiring, training and development of team members.
  • Organizes daily pre-shift meetings as a communications tool between management and team members.
  • Assigns work duties and side work to team members, and ensures assigned duties are completed
  • Maintains a clean appearance of facilities during shift (appearance of restrooms, unproductive team members in guest view, over-abundance of trash, etc.).
  • Performs adjustments of transaction checks for restaurant server/bar/retail personnel as needed and provides all necessary back-up documentation and forms according to company policies and procedures, in matters such as voids, comps, discounts, coupons, methods of payment as well as accounts receivables, trades, and walkouts.
  • Controls costs whenever possible such as labor, waste, property damage, theft and energy.
  • Ensures profit margins are maintained, and agreed costs are not exceeded.
  • Consistent documenting and disciplining of team members not following company’s policies and procedures, and close communication with Human Resources Manager as well as members of management team.
  • Ensures all team members are always correctly dressed in complete uniform, offering professional, courteous and exceptional service to guests.
  • Collects and coordinates applicable end-of-shift cash due and financial documents and reports from restaurant/bar/retail team members.
  • Uses properly designated company forms when providing documentation (PAF form, corrective counseling, performance reviews etc.) and submits copies to Human Resources Manager.
  • Monitors beverage dispensing system and beer cooler for adequate stock.
  • Procures liquor from stock when ordered by bar staff on appropriate form and with necessary backup documentation according to company policies.
  • Procures items from supply storage as needed (sanitary supplies, hand towels, coffee, silver and glassware).
  • Reports, or arranges for repair of malfunctioning equipment as needed with information and copy to General Manager.
  • Obtains and secures lost-and-found items with documentation according to company procedures.
  • Coordinates with Sales Department and General Manager to successfully plan and execute special events, including being the restaurant’s contact person for the event’s host, directing the event, as well as transacting and collecting all charges for the event.
  • Consistent implementation of any and all company security procedures and securing backup documentation regarding safety of guests and team members (fire, police, emergency medical as needed), as well as measures for security of company facilities and property (locks, safes, alarm systems, equipment).
  • Consistent enforcement of Health Department, Alcohol Awareness Trainings and other regulations and guidelines on behalf of company, team members and guests.


Qualifications & Skills:

  • High School Diploma
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in similar position in a high volume operation
  • Knowledge of Micros Point of Sale system preferable
  • Ability to operate reservation system, experience with Open Table beneficial
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Capable of communicating effectively with customers and employees
  • Knowledge of Personal Computer, Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment

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